On 28 October, Acimga is organizing at EXPO 2015 an international conference with the title “Food speaks: new frontiers for the food sector”, which will see the participation of brand owners and package printers from the other side of the Mediterranean, and brings buyers to visit Italian manufacturers.

A meeting with an innovative format, designed to promote dialog within the food industry; a rare and unique occasion (the Universal Exposition in Milan); a business area, that of the Mediterranean countries, a great importance for both individual concerns and for Italian economy as a whole, considering the country’s central position in the Mediterranean basin.
These are the “ingredients” of the event organized on 28 October by Acimga at Expo SpA’s Convention Center, in collaboration with ICE-Agenzia and the Ministry of Economic Development.
This initiative is innovative in various ways, and serves as further proof of the concrete service orientation that distinguishes the association of converting machine manufacturers, as well as its constantly updated commitment to finding effective ways to promote the Italian industry.
«One of the main goals of our members  – explains Andrea Briganti, Secretary of Acimga  – is increasing and better managing foreign trade.
To this end, fairs continue to represent an important promotional tool, but not the only one. With the late October meeting, for example, we wish to offer Acimga partners a new opportunity for dialoging with actors in the food sector supply chain, including customers of customers.
But that’s not all: also inviting users to see firsthand their concerns and visit sites in order to realize the strength and technological excellence of Italian companies».    
The surrounding markets
. The protagonists of the 28 October event were operators and buyers from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Israel and Turkey, which have been identified as the most active and promising ones thanks to help from ICE-Agenzia, and they were hosted with the sponsors’ help (Cerutti,  Emerson, Omet and Uteco Translator’s Note).
After an introduction with contributions by The Ambrosetti, Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Carlo Meo and an expert on the Maghred economy, the following actors were invited to discuss two subjects in order to create two sessions running in succession over the course of a morning:
– panel 1 “The dialog between form and function of food: packaging and consumer experience” with contributions and talks by Ferrarelle, Birra Castello Pedavena Dolomiti, Ferrero, Barilla and Maghreb region brand owners.
– panel 2 “Servitisation in food packaging for the Mediterranean: new infrastructure logistics and supply chain logic”, concerning the central importance of service as a generator of profit and the availability of the product as an indispensable element for new business models.
Speeches delivered by International Paper, Pedon, Oltremare, Consorzio mele and Nestlè.