The circular system for excellence, as demonstrated by several cases throughout Europe (including cities such as Milan), is the one based on door- to-door collection, with a strong commitment regarding biowaste – which accounts for about one third of total waste produced by every citizen – keystone to stably bringing the percentage of separated waste to the target of 65%.

The role of compostable pouches and shopping bags in the pursuit of these results is ascertained from a variety of Italian and foreign best practices illustrated by Novamont to the delegates of the main cities participating in the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (from Tokyo to Hong Kong, from Moscow to Sao Paulo, from Washington to Johannesburg) as part of the second the Milano Recycle City. Strongpoint of Novamont’s waste management model is the use of organic waste bags made of Mater-Bi ® biodegradable bioplastics and compostable according to the international standard EN 13432 – waterproof, hygienic, breathable and suitable for treatment in anaerobic digestion and composting systems. The compostability of the bags, in fact, is an essential feature to ensure the quality of the collection of organic waste and its conversion into quality biogas and compost.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY: A DEFINITION Put an end to the “waste society” in favor of a model in which the materials are entirely reused and where there are no waste products but only resources, the central focus being on environmental, social and economic sustainability.