The global adhesives manufacturer Henkel carries forward its commitment to food safety, naturally with a focus on food packaging.

A dedicated web platform – the Food Safe Packaging Portal – reports the latest advances in the field, with closer looks at factors that influence the migration of various kinds of contaminants from packaging to the food contained, along with good practices for preventing contamination. Registration grants access to the premium section, which details food safety issues concerning adhesives and features an updated glossary on the topic.

The awards. Every three years, in recognition of the decisive role that suppliers and partners play in the its success, Henkel distributes three awards to the companies it deems most deserving. Below are the nominations announced in September.
The Supply Performance Award went to BASF for its prompt delivery of raw materials of tested quality.
The Japanese firm Kaneka received the Supplier Innovation Award for the proactive engagement with which it recommended new uses for original materials, with advantages in costs and processes. Finally, Dow Corning (which supplies Henkel with silicon products) received the Sustainability Award for its ongoing commitment to the optimization of processes and the reuse of residual products in the spirit of sustainability.