Royal DSM, a global company active in many fields and with headquarter in Heerlen, The Netherlands, releases Skins® Sandy, the newest addition to its Skins® range of haptic coating resins.

Tactile elements in print and packaging are increasingly used to differentiate brands, by providing a sensory experience that reflects their products. DSM’s Skins® coating resins range aims to meet this need by enabling different textures in a range of print and packaging materials. Skins® Sandy will offer sandy-feel textures ranging from fine to coarse and is particularly suitable for overprint varnishes, paper & board, and flexible packaging.

Compatible with a wide range of printing processes, including flexographic and gravure, Skins® Sandy delivers the desired sandpaper texture in a single coating without fillers or additives: in this way, it’s less costly and compliance with food contact, opening new possibilities for textured food packaging.