H7 Group, a Lombard manufacturer based in Mandello del Lario (LC), has delivered the first rewinder cutter of the new TR-U2 model to an important Italian converter.

It is a dual-shaft central drum machine which, thanks to a series of cutting-edge technological solutions, is able to reach maximum productivity and exceptional cutting quality at the same time. Pride of place, among various features, goes to the automatic system for unloading reels and the cutting unit that allows webs of up to 9 mm and maximum diameter of one meter to be treated.

The main added value of the TR-U2 is the extreme versatility of the materials that can be processed: created for cutting bare and/or laminated aluminium with contact and non-contact axial winding, it also processes copper and polylaminates with equal precision and effectiveness, guaranteeing excellent quality results in all cases.

Young but experienced

H7group is a new reality in the sector of converting machines and in particular of slitter rewinders, which employs technical personnel with over 40 years of experience in the sector. Its solutions are realized with particular attention to the customer’s needs and with specific characteristics depending on the type of material treated:

  • cooked, raw, embossed aluminium, laminated with thicknesses between 4 and 400 μm;
  • metallized films from 1.5 to 20 μm;
  • kraft, coated, laminated, metalized adhesive and corrugated paper between 10 and 700 g/sqm;
  • plastic films of various composition and thicknesses between 10 and 300 μm;
  • non-woven fabric between 10 and 250 μm.

The catalogue  of manual and automatic models offers a wide range, ordered by thickness, types of winding, outlet sectors and specific requirements of the various applications, and includes series of complementary machines such as embossers, spooling  machines, extractors, etc.