Milan, March 21st and 22nd, Stella Polare Congress Center in Fieramilano Rho. The Print4All Conference 2019 addresses, through the reflections of the industry gurus and the experience of enlightened operators, the themes that guide the development of package printing and converting along the entire supply chain. Waiting for the next Print4All exhibition, in 2021.

Alberto Mattiello, professor of Digital Innovation at the Bocconi University and head of the Future Thinking Project-J. Walter Thompson of Miami (USA) will talk about artificial intelligence, IoT and Smart Manufacturing to explain the impact of digital transformation on the way businesses are set up. Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the SDA Bocconi School of Management, will interview Ron Gilboa, group director of Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends, on the major issues that move the market in our sector: the relationship between analogue and digital printing, the most requested technologies, the importance of offering/receiving value-added services … Enrico Peroni, Ducati Brand Design Manager, in an intervention titled “Ducati: the management of printing seen by a global brand” will conclude the session by telling how the legendary motorcycle brand develops its brand identity and life style strategy.

These are the three keynote speakers of the upcoming Print4All Conference, dedicated to shedding light on the major issues discussed during the afternoon of March 21 by panelists of technology suppliers, printers and brand owners. The next morning the role of “guru” will be played by Daniele Pes, president of Corner Stones, board member of InnoVits and co-founder of ILooxs Tech & Grycle – who will discuss what the purchasing process has become and what influences the purchasing process of a consumer – and by Ivan Ortenzi, economist specializing in Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship, who will illustrate the dynamics of 4.0 technologies between old and new business models.

Participation in the conference is free and open to all. Participation in the Party4All of the evening between 21 and 22 March is for a fee: a precious opportunity for supply chain networking, to meet international speakers, guests and journalists. Operators and publications from the USA, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria and India are invited to the event.

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The “Conferences” of Print4All have been conceived by the organizers of the eponymous printing and converting fair – in all their articulations: commercial, editorial, industrial packaging – as stages between the various editions of a three-year event, which speaks of a world in rapid transformation. Acimga, Argi and ITA-Italian Trade Agency – with the support of FieraMilano, CPA and 4ITGroup, the patronage of public and private bodies that make the sector policies, and the sponsorship of the technical press and of top sector companies – have therefore conceived them as essential updates over the time span between Print4All editions. For this reason they address the entire graphics and communications industry as an opportunity for the sector to meet up,, where its component parts can reflect together on the market and offer the tools to interpret the same.