«I am a person who became an entrepreneur by taking over his father’s craft workshop. Over the years I have transformed it into a benchmark company in the sector, inventing innovative products (our real strength) through a constant investment of resources. But most of all…”. The human factor and trust factor in an open letter by Felice Rossini president of Rossini SpA

My entrepreneurial history has distant, historical and valuable roots, on which a constantly growing company has evolved thanks to a strategic vision and intuitions that have left their mark in the evolution of printing with a whole series of international patents, totally developed within the company. Today we have seven production plants in Europe, America and Asia, a network of commercial offices and partners widely distributed all over the world.

Ideas and People

To be innovative it is necessary to know how to carefully observe reality to understand how to improve it by creating something that was not there before. To transform ideas into innovative products you need to invest in research and development. With courage, determination and the kind of intelligence that can read and keep up with the times. My luck also depends on having been able to choose the right people, they make the difference. I have always believed that the human component is added value and the first investment to make, for this reason I surrounded myself with extraordinary collaborators.

Loyalty: a value that is built

The human factor is crucial, starting from the security of a company that should not be attributed to the intelligence of its collaborators but to their loyalty, built through a process of knowledge, relationship and loyalization. Values that are not obtained solely with the incentive of money (necessary but not sufficient), but with the continuous construction of a human relationship. This is the first protection, even today now everything is computerized. Most cyber incidents are in fact due to human errors or, worse, infidelity. Man is the weak link in the defensive chain and the first prevention starts from people, their awareness and their training. This is why a corporate culture must be fostered.

The reputation of the company and the country system

The theme of trust is the pivot around which not only the internal relationship with its collaborators revolves, but also the external relationship that the company has with its customers. Creating a strong, reliable and quality image is a business priority. And the reputation of its brand is given by consistency with this image. A good reputation is a value to be protected and preserved, it is inherent in the company and in its history, it is something that goes beyond profit and is increasingly a determining lever, not only for the business but also for the acquisition of human resources and talents. Even though I feel like a citizen of the world, I was born in Italy and I am proud to be Italian. If we look at the protection of the reputation of our brand from a Country System perspective, surely Italy needs to recover an international credibility. The entrepreneurial capacity of Italians is unmatched, but to give Italian small and medium-sized companies greater internationalization opportunities, Italy’s reputation must be increased. The reputation of a nation is a common asset, which must be built and maintained over time. A good image of the country increases the reputation and competitive positioning of companies because the level of trust that States have towards our Country System is not only given by companies but, necessarily, by the quality (and stability) of the government, of the executive class and the civil society.

Made in Italy, driving force. At the moment…

Unfortunately, the entrepreneur is increasingly alone. The risk is that this “loneliness” makes the fear of the worst stronger than the desire for the best. Today, moreover, the individual interest exceeds the collective interest but if we want to repeat the miracle of the reconstruction years (years in which social development and economic growth went hand in hand) we must share, as a people, a common direction in to which everyone must contribute. Faced with an increasingly worrying international climate for the manufacturing system, a country like Italy, with many companies operating globally, must invest in its international credibility. As a company we work with the whole world and exports are an essential component of our business. It often happens that our customers expressly request a product made in Italy. Made in Italy exercises a very strong appeal and an attraction that has lasted in time. It is a driving force of the national economy thanks to the rare beauty and unique quality guaranteed by the entire Italian supply chain. However, it is legitimate to ask: for how long?