At Labelexpo, Sei Laser presented a radically modular digital die-cutting and finishing system for self-adhesive labels that can be equipped with 4 laser heads.

sei_laser_LabelMaster-2015-4-LASER.pngBuyers can set it up as a single station or integrate it later with optional finishing and control units. Its main feature is its speed of 100 m/min, maintained constant thanks to the traction control system, which, along with the material motion control unit, guarantees tension and register.
Labelmaster enables processing reels up to 600 mm wide and can be equipped with “made in SEI” laser die-cutting technology, with 1-4 scanning heads to guarantee maximum productivity. The system can execute countless processes: laser or mechanical semi-rotary die-cutting, flexo varnishing or selective flexography, semi-rotary hot gold, liner and self-wound lamination, through-cutting, laser micro-perforation and marking, single sheet cutting, slitting and label shifting.
The machine processes a wide variety of materials, including paper, PET, PP and TNT or BOPP supports. The new control software is fully compatible with the most common digital workflows.