Contrary to the general trend of Italian industry, Debem (Busto Arsizio, VA) has continued to grow in market shares and turnover, even in the face of a persisting crisis.

This achievement is largely due to the activities of its R&D division – a strength and rare asset for a small enterprise – initially created in order to enhance existing products by researching the use of new materials, rationalizing bulk, optimizing technology and reducing costs without skimping on high quality standards.
The division’s activity has evolved over time, leading it to invest in the creation of radically innovative products. Cubic and Microboxer series pumps represent its highest achievement in this area, along with Midgetbox, the smallest high performance pump on the market, destined for the chemical sector and transporting inks and varnishes. These products can be made of PP, PVDF/ECTFE, AISI 316 or aluminium and for Atex zones 1 and 2.

ISO 9001 certification lends them a radical quality guaranty. Debem performs testing not just on samples but on every single pump produced. These solutions represent the latest stage in a virtuous circle of product (and service) design and technological development, resulting from an ongoing cooperation between Debem and its printing leader customers, particularly in flexography.