From the union of laser technology with the Cartes HS series printing units comes the Cartes HS Combilaser series, in which the laser die-cutting unit is combined with hot stamping, screenprinting, embossing and varnishing units.

This is a type of machine much appreciated by label manufacturers because it enables the performance of several high value processes in a single production cycle and in reduced time. At the last drupa Cartes introduced its new HS configurable screenprinting series for hot stamping, coating, embossing, flat and laser and/or rotary die-cutting. These machines are therefore highly modular but, at the same time integrated: using a sole communication bus for all units, units can be subsequently inverted, added or replaced from  the original configuration. They are also equipped with the innovative Multi Head Automatic Positioning System, which enables the simultaneous correction of any pitch irregularities detected on pre-printed materials. Each printing unit is automatically positioned to register, considerably reducing material waste and optimizing start-up times.
A centralized drive power management system enables the exchange of energy between the motors while the machine is running, reusing the generated energy in the braking phase or returning it to the network to use it on other devices, with considerable savings overall.
Lastly, a mention of operator safety, with protection by advanced solutions such as STO (safe torque off), SS1 (safe stop), SBC (safe brake control) and SLS (safely limited speed).