Special units to implement new functions; the radical upgrading of obsolete equipment; "impossible" inkjet head installations; high added value processing technologies… In the world of converting (and not only there) De Rossi Vittoriano Srl is called upon to effectively and economically solve specific problems. And now, at Labelexpo Europe, along with a group of prestigious partners

This family-run Lombard company (but with its own workshops, leading edge tools and equipment, a workforce of skilled employees and co-workers and a supranational range of action) has in time built up a rare specialization: De Rossi Vittoriano Srl is called upon whenever the printer of labels and packaging, or even the automobile manufacturer, has a difficult problem to solve.
Their string of successful undertakings is too long to refer to here; they are always special jobs, and hence difficult to classify under a few clear, general entries. But we can cite some prime examples, with the help of Ivan De Rossi,  Vittoriano’s son and righthand man, mechanical engineer and now leading light of the Lombard concern (Paderno Dugnano, MI), who we met at Converflex: «On the printing and processing line we install and at times we specially make the units for creating perfectly registered multi-coupons; systems for printing on adhesive or hot or cold foil; inkjet heads for face and verso or color applications, that turn a “normal” machine into a digital one; devices for the high quality microperforation of sleeves and a whole host of other units and functions. They call us because we know the machines on which to intervene extremely well and, therefore, we manage to succeed where others falter or fail, at times even the selfsame equipment manufacturer. And they call us back because we work with pragmatism and common sense, with the goal of achieving longlasting quality systems at the best possible economic terms: which, of course, is greatly appreciated. Sure, it takes a little more effort, and you need to master both the new and old technologies…".

Value-added interventions
De Rossi Vittoriano’s customers, large and small concerns with varying  specialization, need to implement processes other than which their lines have been created, or to carry out more accurate and faster (hence basically less expensive) processing in line; at times they have to though modernize obsolete systems and, in any case, the intervention of De Rossi’s technicians can constitute an alternative to new purchases. «It has happened – says Aldo Resnati, company sales head – after "overhauling" a flexo machine that now is able to print sleeves, or when a very old machine was turned into a multifunctional system, which can also print two colors on the back. Moreover, without using the paper turner, with the additional benefit of not spoiling the substrate even when using delicate materials».
«For another customer – added Vittoriano De Rossi – we integrated a special unit for creating three layers of labels: initially the customer only intended to use it occasionally, and instead, it has been running constantly, especially for orders from pharmaceutical companies».
In various ways hence the most dynamic Italian converters have entered into De Rossi’s orbit, confirming – the company people wish to stress – that  equipping oneself to be able to offer special processing is good for business, at home and especially abroad. «We ourselves have foreign customers – adds Ivan De Rossi –  that we serve directly and we also ensure technical assistance. In some cases, when we were not able to carry out the upgrade ourselves, we guided users through a process of self-installation, like the Lebanese converter who turned to us at a time of great political turmoil, and that is grateful to us for having solved the problem remotely, with the aid of specially executed film clips».
Not only used (the next project)
De Rossi Vittoriano’s experts are not only called in to modify existing systems and facilities. The imagination and the technical expertise of the Lombard concern are also required for developing the mechanics and electronics of new projects. One of these, of particular importance, will be officially presented at  international level at the upcoming Labelexpo Europe and that, at the time of writing, remains top secret: As Roberta De Rossi, who in the company performs the role of marketer and communicator, anticipates «it is an anti-counterfeiting system with a very high level of security and, at the same time, very economical, based on an original technology  protected by some thirty patents. It is the result of the joint work of a pool of complementary concerns, where we played an important role, solving a seemingly impassable mechanical problem». We'll know more at Brussels.                                                          

De Rossi Vittoriano develops its new projects with the help of 3D CAD and realizes them in the company’s inhouse workshop, with its own technicians and in real time. This is all power to the quality of its equipment in terms of accuracy of measurement and the use of  super high quality materials.