GPS (paper and plastic shopping bags and high quality plastic for food and beverage) needs to print soft and regular shades of color while at the same time guaranteeing satisfactory productivity levels.

For this reason, the concern acquired, for the first time in Italy, two CDI Full HD systems by Esko, considered an alternative to rotogravure with the same quality. According to the concern, which is based in the Veneto region, the two CDI Full HD Flexo machines make installations that enable achieving truly superior print quality, with more effective solid colors, bright marking colors, clear texts, images with well-defined detail and shades that are homogenous, uniform and repeatable. The strengths of the Full HD system include ink bonding comparable to that in rotogravure printing. High resolution incision (4,000 dpi) creates a weave texture that helps the ink bond and enhances the density of the final print. What results is a richer, high contrast image that is particularly suited for Pantone colors and white underprints. Furthermore, the main digital exposure Inline UV2 supplies, through a series of LEDs, a UV power density high enough to fully control the polymerization process. This means that the Full HD Flexo plates present digitally controlled dots.