HI-PERFORMANCES DuPont Packaging Graphics presents the innovative Cyrel® FAST DFR flexo plate.

“Highest speed and quality in the finest detail” is the key message of DuPont Packaging Graphics since drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf, when DuPont the group launched 11 next generation products which included Cyrel® plates, equipment and workflow solutions that optimize quality, productivity and sustainability.
The Cyrel® FAST DFR, in particolar, is aimed at packaging printers requiring a plate capable of holding the highest screen rulings, fine details and the widest tonal range. The thermal processing of the FAST workflow provides a truly smaller environmental footprint and faster access to the plate compared to solvent-based processing.

The new flexographic plate offers premium results for tag & label printers, and also for the flexible packaging applications with the requirement of clean printing throughout long runs. The Cyrel® FAST DFR is specifically designed as a high-performance plate with minimal dot gain, high-resolution and high-ink transfer for outstanding tonal reproduction.
DuPont has also improved the robustness of this generation of plate both in plate making process and on press. Combined with greater clean out during processing and with significantly less development cycles than usual, the Cyrel® FAST DFR reduces processing cost and boosts productivity.

Plus – Printers are benefitting from uninterrupted clean printing during very long print runs. The inherent uniform caliper and dimensional stability of the of Cyrel® FAST DFR derived from the thermal processing technology of Cyrel® FAST, make it the basis for highest quality prints for tag and labels and flexible packaging. Users also report very good results when printing on different substrates, such as paper, where a much softer plate would usually be needed to keep the dot gain, high-ink transfer and resolution characteristics of the print under control.