The innovative features of the Extreme pneumatic brake and two new launches: a smart webguide and a remote control system. Re Controlli Industriali at Converflex.

Forty years leading the international market of pneumatic brakes and equipment for the converting industry (particularly corrugated cardboard), a patent on the world’s most popular brake (the Combiflex) and new products to preview at Converflex 2015.
Re Controlli Industriali speeds up its pace on the path to growth and tallies the first victories of the new Extreme: since its launch at the last drupa, hundreds of units have been installed worldwide, replacing the now outdated multi-disc brakes.

Pneumatics 2.0
Radically redesigned, both in appearance and functioning, and patented throughout, the Extreme pneumatic brake was created in collaboration with the mechanical engineering department of a large Italian university in order to guarantee a new level of performance, using innovative environmentally sound materials.
In contrast to multi-disc systems, Extreme guarantees 1500Nm braking torque, 6kW dispersible power and 7 to 10 years average life of the pastilles, all with very little bulk (300 mm diameter and 140mm thickness). This performance is made possible by a very simple internal structure, carefully designed, and an innovative ventilation system that enables uniformly cooling all braking zones. The clamps and pistons, for their part, have been carefully studied in order to reach extremely low torque levels and offer nearly 100% torque adjustment.

This technology has enabled moving beyond typical issues of multi-disc brakes that, during reel changeover and low speeds, can cause problems for adjustment, causing the paper to break. Maintenance, required every 7-10 years according to the application, is quick and easy: in just 20 minutes all pastilles can be replaced, while multi-disc brake maintenance requires approximately one hour due to the many components.
Finally, Re’s new brake reduces pollution: Extreme features a very long life cycle even though its sliding surface is smaller, making for a healthier work environment.

Everything under control

Re Controlli Industriali presents two new additions at Converflex: the SmartMotion webguide system and the Wligo remote control.
Designed for small and medium webguide systems, SmartMotion is a control logic that integrates in a single device the step motor and the control driver. The outcome is greater compactness, less wiring and, most importantly, the possibility of calculating the run of the actuator without using additional mechanical or electronic devices.

The motor is controlled at 1/128 step, making the whole system more precise, fluid, faster and quieter.
A high dispersion range guarantees a low and constant temperature for the step motor, preventing the system from overheating.
Furthermore, for applications requiring the use of more than one webguide, the SmartMotion control module enables connecting multiple systems using just one Wligo remote control.
Indeed, Ligo is the new line of remote control panels capable of controlling multiple devices at once; in particular, WLigo controls multiple webguides connected in series.
The extremely compact WLigo is equipped with a resistant 3.5” color touch screen display –  which enables easily displaying and managing all parameters of every connected device -and three mechanical buttons with which to regulate all basic functions. Calibrating and using all connected systems is made especially simple and intuitive thanks to user friendly software and graphics, even for personnel unfamiliar with touch screen devices.