Resulting from the pairing of die-cutting technology with the Angle Lock® tool creation system, the Novacut 106 ER by Bobst enables packaging manufacturers to create integrated lines with automated production, enhancing productivity of subsequent processes such as folding and gluing.

This represents an economical system for separating die-cuts in line, preventing the usual operational problems and reducing the investment this process generally requires. Indeed, it is capable of producing evenly stacked die-cuts ready for subsequent processes, with no manual separation required.

Designed to guarantee maximum operational flexibility within a facility, Novacut 106 ER enables setting up a wide range of separation operations without interrupting any other operations solely of die-cutting and scrap removal. This flexibility is made possible by the output section, which can be converted from separation of single or double outgoing die-cuts to whole sheets, and vice-versa, in just seconds.