BFT Flexo is embracing the philosophy of several manufacturers, who have been engaged for some time now in trying to design continuous-run printing presses, equipped with technologies and equipment that can guarantee real non-stop production. For flexible packaging printers and the corrugated pre-printing, who have to print the same job for several days, this requirement becomes a goal of paramount importance, capable of making a difference in productivity and profit.

To meet what is a real vision for BFT Flexo, equipment must be able to self-monitor and self-calibrate, without any human intervention.

It is becoming increasingly essential to parameterize all system variables in print, so that both trends and performance can be monitored analytically, allowing the production manager to have a tool not only for analysis but also, and more importantly, for improvement.

Thanks to the multiplicity of sensors installed on-board, BFT systems can fully monitor the ink circulation in the press, going on to regulate viscosity, temperature and pH in a fully automatic manner and standardizing the process.

Moreover, just to fully embrace the no-stop printing philosophy, BFT Flexo is developing a revolutionary new inline plate cleaning system.