At K, Ulmex and Zecher (hall 4 stand A12) presented the world premiere of the new release of Evolux – the innovative concept for laser cleaning of anilox, optimized and enhanced – and launched the 24/7 home laser cleaning service throughout Europe, through an exclusive fleet of service trucks equipped precisely with the new Evolux Smart technology.

Evolux debuted at the German show with a revamped design that is more compact and ergonomic, making it easier for the operator to use. More robust and reliable, the new Evolux also offers increased productivity thanks to the new Speedy Clean feature, an exclusive solution with a registered utility patent, which makes it suitable for industrial applications even with intensive 24/7 use.

This system makes it possible to effectively and durably clean all types of sleeves and anilox rollers, including chrome, removing not only inks, but also more difficult residues such as lacquers, adhesives, silicones and resins-without using detergents or chemical solvents. The unique pulsed laser source makes it possible to calibrate power, frequency and characteristics of the pulse itself, resulting in cleaning programs tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Other special features:

  • the proprietary process software, now more intuitive, allowing direct access to the DAM (Dynamics Anilox Management) database for continuous and timely monitoring of the anilox fleet with a view to predictive maintenance;
  • the optional integrated 3D microscope, which can be upgraded at the order stage or later. It examines the volume, depth and geometry of the cells of individual aniloxes before and after cleaning, providing important data for controlling their life cycle;
  • the Ceramic Care System, which preserves the technical and structural characteristics of ceramics during the cleaning process.

The new release of Evolux is available in 3 exclusive models, all with Industry 4.0 ready certification, with 1000 mm, 2000 mm and 3000 mm span, also diversified in power and speed, to effectively meet the needs of different types of customers.