In recent years, packaging has become a strategic tool for communicating directly with consumers during the critical purchasing phase. The constant change of packaging colors, but also the change of substrates due to the continuous search for sustainability, makes it increasingly complex to reproduce colors faithfully and evenly.

Considering the countless variables that come into play, it is therefore essential to use tools and softwares capable of managing digital color standards that are reliable, versatile and available in every production department or plant, integrating into an optimized workflow.

A unique solution To support printing companies, ColorConsulting has developed a software suite that is fully integrated with the best ink measurement and formulation solutions on the market.

It is called ColorSoftware Suite and is the only solution on the market developed by putting the needs of printers and converters at the center so they can manage the different processing steps in a single data stream. These include standard setting, recipe creation and implementation, color measurement, any corrections to be made, and quality control.

The three complementary software

The suite consists of three softwares with different peculiarities: ColorTrack, ColorAnalytics and InkWeigh.

ColorTrack is a software solution that manages the entire color workflow: not only quality control and color analysis, but concrete actions for ink correction and optimization allowing a significant reduction in makeready time and an increase in productivity in addition to the complete digitization of data.

ColorAnalytics allows to evaluate print quality trends and export production data at any time. The PRO version allows to compare all the information collected in production, such as: measurements, tolerances, roll, production batch, corrections… all highlighting the correlation between colorimetric trends and on-machine events to help identify the cause of any color variations and imprint continuous improvements.

InkWeigh ink management software simplifies the weighing and correction of inks, decreasing machine returns and allowing complete traceability of all materials used, such as inks, glues and additives. This software allows for simple and effective direct weighing of components by observing the weigh progress bar and in case of an error during weighing suggests different strategies for recalculating the recipe.


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