RTS has developed a new service to send automatic alerts and notifications, called RTS EasyAlert and already implemented, among others, by Ghelfi Ondulati.

RTS launches an innovative tool to improve the control of the entire ordinary activity that takes place daily in company computerized business management areas.
His brand name is EasyAlert and it is an automated and customised messaging application, that transmits alarms and information in real time to operators who can thus immediately and effectively manage the anomalies and changes in status of the various business processes: production, sales, accounting, storage, logistics, safety…
Ghelfi Ondulati has already successfully implemented the same: «The installation of the system – states Luca Filippucci, EDP Manager at the Valtellina based casemaker – took a very short time and now it is as if we had a lot of "sentinels" that alert you that all is going well. In practice then, thanks to EasyAlert we can constantly monitor a series of processes, with important benefits in terms of increased efficiency, safety and savings in time and money».

Real time
«EasyAlert is a truly cutting-edge solution – declares Massimo Partisani in turn, Executive Director of RTS Information Systems – in a time when it is increasingly important to obtain real-time information on your notebook or directly to your smartphone».
The service monitors the activities of the RTSv8 management software, through the automatic sending of emails to selected users on the occurrence or the approach of certain events, thus enabling action to be taken before damage occurs. The software also allows you to schedule the sending of periodic information to warn, for example, in the case of expired tenders or customers who have not placed orders by a certain date, if anomalies are occurring on the production terminals or if warehoused stocks are running out…

The company under control
With EasyAlert, hence, alerts can be sent relating to ongoing problems (errors, delays, blocks …) and periodic updates on the progress of processes or changes in key indicators.
Possible examples include all departments, functions and company parties. Here's a quick rundown:
• External agents – end-of-the-day notifications: list of orders open for given customers; and a list of delivery notes issued for the given customers.
• Sales – alarms: deliveries that are outstanding or only partially processed; expired customer price lists and those being “drawn up”…
• Sales – notifications: offers expired by a certain number of days; customers who do not place orders by a certain date; confirmation of orders to be issued.
• Purchases – alarms: material requirements in respect of a non issued order; unsigned emergency order; materials not delivered by the supplier…
• Storage – alarms: stocks below minimum; goods lying in stock below contract stipulation.
• Storage – notifications: goods lying in stock for over "X" days.
• Production – alarms: lack of printing plates and cutting dies, relating to orders in production; start-up and production longer than expected; production waste above the predefined percentage; non-standard or unexpected downtime; quality controls expired, suspended or failed; overproduction of a contract; excessively long shift; use of “Correction” key on the machine terminal; automatic save out of order.
• Shipment – alarms: order closed but not delivered; incompatibility of dates between production and delivery program…
• Administration – alarms: customers outside exposure; delivery note line without price or with price other than that defined in the order…
EasyAlert includes a long series of standard notifications, but can be customized as the case has it, depending on the organisation and the needs of the user.