Rossini SpA will be presenting  its best production at Converflex (Hall 2 Stand F11-G18) including new Hony Sleeve for pre-printing .

The main feature of this sleeve is its lightness: Hony sleeve, with a diameter of 344 cm long and 2.490 cm (as pictured) weighs about 35 pounds, compared to 77 of a traditional sleeve of the  same size.
The reputed company from  Rescaldina (MI) will also be showcasing the  Steel Hony: variant with aluminum surface for narroweb machines, this too  half the  weight of analogous “normal” aluminum sleeves.

Rossini will also be showcasing its modular storage facilities at the fair. In addition to the already known Sleeve Storage for the manual storage of the sleeves, the company will also be presenting its new PLC controlled Automatic  Storage, which carries the sleeve to the basement, ready for use. This system is, therefore, particularly suitable for large sleeves such as those of the “pre-print” variety.