In Chinese culture the color red stands for fortune and prosperity. This is why Gmund Paper Mill chose it for its collection of precious papers to offer to the buyers of the great Asian market at the beginning of 2015, when China will celebrate the oncoming year of the Sheep.

Here is a foretaste of the interpretation by international designers, that have used Gmund papers for the Hong Bao or auspicious “red packages”, traditionally filled with banknotes, to be given away – with both hands, mind you! – at new year, February 19th 2015.

The envelopes, decorated with ornaments and ideograms, are hence either red or gold, but thanks to a Chinese colleague, Gmund’s designers found out that the color of the year of the Sheep will be pink. The Hong Baos in the photo are made with high quality Gmund paper with linen texture or shimmering surfaces that enable special effects to be obtained, in line with Chinese artistic ornaments.