Taghleef Industries proposes Titanium ™, the new plastic film for IML labels.

This new solution combines the sought after "no-label look, typical of this technology with  a luxurious and exclusive metallic effect that invites consumers to buy. During the development phase, the Taghleef Label Team  worked with partners in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia, successfully solving a series of problems related to the scratch resistance of the metallized surface, its printability and electrostatic charge.

The result is a printable film on both sides, thanks to a special protective multilayer structure, that does not deteriorate and that provides a good ink adhesion. It also has the necessary antistatic properties and does not require lacquering, adapting seamlessly to offset sheetfed and rotary printing processes.
Titanium ™ by Taghleef Industries enhances the visual impact of the container, which can be decorated with both matt and gloss metallic finishes; It can, also, be applied on different formats – from  500g containers with screw cap to large 20 liter pails.