In early December, HP and KBA gave a preview to over 200 customers and industry press. HP PageWide Web Press T1100S is an enormous reel-fed digital press for corrugated cardboard covers that enables simultaneously printing different formats and runs. The system will appear at drupa and already has a buyer.

HP_T1100S_APERTURA.pngIn December, visitors at KBA’s general headquarters in Würzburg saw the first HP PageWide Web Press T1100S, a digital press for corrugated cardboard that HP has developed as part of a fruitful partnership with the German manufacturer over the last couple of years. The two concerns combined their expertise, in digital printing and in construction of large printing systems, creating an original 2.8 m web press that is high speed (up to 183 m/min and 30,600 m2/hr) and most importantly, features unprecedented flexibility that enables it to reach very high productivity (and thus also an advantageous ROI). HP PageWide Web Press T1100S, which will be presented at drupa 2016 and on the market starting next year, will be marketed through HP’s global sales network, guaranteeing technical assistance.

Multi-Lane Print Architecture. This machine’s performance is due mainly to MLPA, which represents a paradigm shift in corrugated cardboard production. The HP MLPA system divides the width of the reel among multiple lines (or lanes) in order to print different jobs of different formats and run lengths simultaneously and with no make-ready in between jobs. Multiple ultra-short or short runs can be queued and printed together, while a long run is printed in another lane. And of course security codes, barcodes and variable data can be incorporated. HP MLPA, coupled with all the advantages of digital printing, allows cost-effective customization and personalization of corrugated packaging, meeting the demands for shorter print runs without having to create inventory. Corrugated converters can now print only what is needed, when it is needed, eliminating the need for cardboard storage and satisfying JIT requirements of numerous customers, for example in online sales but also countless other applications.   

Inkjet that looks like offset. HP PageWide employs HP’s proprietary Scalable Thermal InkJet technology, with 1200 nozzles per inch and printheads optimized to guarantee maximum quality while reducing ink wastage. This quality, similar to offset systems, takes advantage of a combination of advanced products developed by the US multinational, which includes priming and bonding options and HP A50 aqueous pigmented CMYK inks, which are effective on standard coated and uncoated liners, recycled or virgin, from 80-400 grams per square meter (GSM). This enables high color saturation, dark black optical density and crisp text, further enhance by in-line and near-line coating solutions for aqueous overprint varnishing.Optional configuration features such as auto-splice/turret rewind, primer and over-print varnish coating solutions, as well as a mixed air/infrared curing system and the KBA Patras “Automated Paper Logistics System,” result in even greater efficiency of the overall solution. 

SE_SERVE_2.png The first one goes to DS Smith Packaging Division. The first converter to install this machine, which is 2.8 m wide, will be DS Smith Packaging, Europe’s main supplier of recycled corrugated cardboard, with facilities across the continent (including eastern Europe with the recent acquisition of Duropack) and “typical” prototype user.The system will be installed after drupa and guarantee «the advantage of having the world’s highest productivity solution […], offering the efficiency of preprinting with digital in a single installation», in the words of Eric Wiesner, GM PageWide Web Press division at HP Inc.«We chose the new HP PageWide Web Press T1100S in order to take the next step in our revolutionary digital PrePrint program», stated Stefano Rossi, CEO, DS Smith Packaging Division. «This partnership with HP has resulted in the world’s first digital machine capable of printing large volumes of corrugated cardboard at the speed and web we need. It will guarantee our customers unprecedented flexibility, quality and consistency for low runs».

AND AT LABELEXPO… Digital win-win for labeling
At Labelexpo Europe 2015, HP occupied its usual large space shared with its technology partners, presenting the latest product innovations, but also concrete solutions illustrating the performance of digital printing such as system, machinery and consumables, liners, software, equipment…

«Quality – declared Gido van Praag, recently nominated vice president and GM of Graphics Solutions Business EMEA HP Printing and Personal Systems Group – requires a confluence of all the elements that go into a print, in addition to planning that maximizes performance and sustainability, and a win-win market approach aimed at creating value». It is with this philosophy that the manager has run HP’s Asian subsidiary, which saw double digit growth and is a confirmed leader in direct comparison to the major digital operators. «East Asian concerns – Van Praag recalled on the topic – require the same performance and updates as western ones, both because multinationals dictate to suppliers around the world the same standards and because there are highly advanced economies in Asia (firstly Japan) that require adequate technologies. In this context, winning requires being at the top of the market, and we are winning».

foto_Gido_Van_Praag.pngA complete offer: new additions. HP’s main strength, affirms the manager, is the completeness of a product range capable of producing any print type: packaging, labeling, POP and graphic communication. Riding high on massive investments in R&D, the company offers the most effective response to the needs of short runs, personalization and saving, in addition to the finest picture quality on all packaging types.At the last Labelexpo Europe, the following updates were presented:- the new functionalities of the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press, including the “Colour Automation Package” for color pairing, with in line spectrophotometer and Esko Labels & Packaging Print Server; the ElectroInk Fade Resistant Ink for external luse; the Michelman DP680 Primer; workflow leader integration; new proofing, preprint and automation instruments; the new, award-winning HP SmartStream Designer for variable data, QR-codes and dynamic anti-tampering and track and trace solutions;- updates to HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, with a new cutter, possible reinsertion and HP ElectroInk White for heatshrink labels. The 20000 Digital Press is now compatible with conventional finishing solutions, including the Digicon 3000 by ABG and the Nexus L20000 lamination system of Comexi;- updates for HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press, with new options for metalized supports and reinsertion;- finally, the HP Indigo financing service for choosing how and when to pay for products.

The customer as a business partner. «Our goal is not to sell as many products as possible, but to supply each customer the right machine, enabling them to grow their business and field of activity. Only a win-win market strategy can sustain not just passing but structural growth». Van Praag illustrates that this is not just theory with countless examples of development conducted together with users («and our R&D centers like the one in Barcelona represent a valuable resource in this») and success stories of customers which HP supplied not only with technology but above all with the necessary knowhow to use it, offering the market something new (and with higher profits). «We dedicate a great any resources to education activities, teaching about the potential offered by our systems, creating competencies and inspiring converts’ creativity, because digital technology has now reached its maturity, but more importantly, the demand requires so many personalization and “just in time” requirements and of such a nature that it proves not only advantageous but necessary».