By the end of the current year, SAM Korea (machinery for printing and converting), which has based its European branch in Casale Monferrato, will open a new Solution Coating Technical Center.

Called SAMLab 3, it will be located in the group’s general headquarters in the vicinity of Seoul, and joins Sam Korea’s other technical centers, dedicated to extrusion (in SAM NA – USA) and printed electronics (SPEL in Korea).
The center will be equipped with the necessary machinery and competencies to assist customers in all their development operations, trials and demonstrations related to coating. Furthermore, in SAMLab 3 the South Korean concern will conduct its own research and development operations, in order to remain at the leading edge of this market, including in terms of technology.

A super-equipped laminator. The heart of SAMLab 3 is the SAM laminator with maximum width of 1,040 mm, designed to operate with hot melt coatings, water or solvent based, pressurized, direct/reverse gravure, S-knife (comma roll), reverse roll, semi-flexo, 5-roll and transfer roll to start. Furthermore, it includes a 22 meter dryer (flotation or roller support as needed), with 7 independent temperature control zones: one of the longest for a pilot machine. Another distinctive feature of the machine are its automatic turrets at the unwind and winder for continuous running. Additional features include a secondary unwind for wet and dry laminations, corona treatment, steam re-moisturizing and UV curing.