At CCE International Munich, Durst presented a series of digital Rho 1300 printers for the corrugated and flat board sector:  with a max. production of 1250 sqm/h and resolution up to 1000 dpi, they guarantee excellent image reproduction even with gloss finishes as well as great flexibility in choice of media.

The Rho 1300 series feature a highly efficient conveying system, with an empowered print surface suction capacity and a better media registration, that ensures excellent performance even with corrugated board.
The new Gradual Flow Printing print mode also enables the positioning of cardboard slabs on the print surface (in the maximum format of 125 x 250 cm). In this way, advancement during the process is minimum, enabling the print of smoother tones with no banding over large areas, with high gloss finishes, even at maximum speeds. Customisable to suit customer needs, these printers are ideal for huge automated productions, but also suited for small runs.