From Print Solution a digital die-cutting system with automatic sheet loader combined with cutting plotter.

Print Solution, distributor based in the North of Milan (Sesto San Giovanni), presents i-mark: a system that enables the unmanned execution of all die-cutting operations, on all digitally-, screen and traditionally printed sheets. The machine performs the half cut on adhesive materials and through cut on cardstock up to 350 g (leaving the necessary attachments to ensure adhesion of the blank piece to the support).
With i-mark around 80 sheets for die-cutting can be inserted, and others may be added during the execution of the work, without stopping the machine. A vacuum sucker system picks up the sheets from the magazine for insertion in the plotter.

Accuracy and speed. The alignment is carried out via the reading of the marks for each sheet. A camera with the i-mark technology recognizes the crosses in a few tenths of a second. The overall speed of execution varies according to the complexity of the contour to be performed, with an average between 30 and 40 seconds per sheet and a precision of 0.2 mm. The square marks of only 4 mm enable an almost full use of the sheet with little waste: around 15 mm for each side of the sheet remains unused. The usable formats range goes from A3 up to 35×50 cm. The i-mark software included enables the use of graphics files created in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, and it runs on a computer with any version of windows.