Uteco Convrting SpA is presenting Mistral MV, a brand new machine till now “gap in the market” for the in-register matt varnish and solventless lamination in one step.

Two years ago Uteco introduced on the market the New Mistral Dual Combi, in 2017 the Rainbow 4.0 last generation of the Solventless at 500 m/1, this year they are introducing Mistral MV, a brand new machine till now “gap in the market”, the perfect solution for the in-register matt varnish and solventless lamination in one step. This is the presentation of the company.

When we say “varnish/laquer” we intend the enhacement of the look of a printed product. A nice packaging is therefore able to draw the attention of consumers, stimulating the sensorial approach that guides them, for example, to return the gaze repeatedly at colored packages or at original shapes, inviting them to touch the packs, to feel the surfaces, the weight and the texture. It has been very well known for a long time that packaging has become a basic key for the marketing. The purchasing choices of the consumers are less rational and this is the reason why the brands are increasingly focusing on the emotional and sensory involvement of the Customer.

The varnish can be partially applied to the printed product, in those areas where the visual impact needs a particular effect or has to be more pronounced. Therefore the final laquer treatment represents an additional value for any kind of commercial product. These varnishes, suitable for the use on absorbent and not-absorbent surfaces, are useful for many kind of finishing. We can obtain pearlescent or matt/glossy effects, touch sensitive effects, or a simple protective function.

One machine, two process
Why should Customer need two machines to perform two processes? A double process doesn’t make sense anymore. Mistral MV, optimised to print matt varnish in register and solventless lamination, with the integration of two processes in a single machine, used a lacquer for mat on the opposite side of the preprinted, PET 12 micron, and laminated in solventless transparent PE on the printing side, at a speed of 400 m/min. Mistral MV guarantees a significant impact on efficiency and cost savings with a very fast pay-back time. Using a flexo varnish, it is possible to obtain high gloss, satin effect and opaque effect on different substrates and thicknesses.

Main features
La macchina Inizia con uno svolgitore shaftless monoasse per terminare con l’avvolgitore con cambio automatico della bobina. Ecco alcune caratteristiche salienti:

  • Insetter, the process using a motorized nip roller with a photoelectric sensor is controlled by an advanced electronic system designed by Uteco which has the function of keeping the warnish in register with the pre-printed film.
  • Flexo Crystal is equipped a high level of automatism in order to speed up the job changes and to reduce the waste material. Uteco direct drive gearless technology on plate cylinder which ensures a perfect register accuracy between the pre-printed film and varnish. Chamber doctor blade rotation of 90° for tool-less and on-press blade /end-seal replacement. New ejecton system for plate and anilox sleeve. Automatic and modular washing system solvent or water base with three different washing cycle can be selected by operator on the HMI according to the next laquer change.
  • Dryer tunnel, Mistral MV, for high speed drying of the warnish, uses the exclusive, patented “CUBE “ ventilation system, that allows to reduce the noise , energy saving and increases the efficiency. The tunnel is accessible from the catwalk positioned along the total length of the machine. The front opening of the tunnel is “book type” to allow the threading of the web, the easy cleaning of the rollers and the extraction of the blowing nozzles. The web stability on the dryer is guaranteed by rolls driven by independent Ac vectors motors.
  • Solventless lamination unit designed to meet most of the market needs,which is suitable to produce laminated film for the whole flexible packaging industry. The coating unit with five rollers guarantees the homogeneous application of minimal amount of adhesive over the whole material surface and at different speed. The transfer rubber roller is sleeve type on board of the unit for easy and fast change. The rolling unit with three rollers, allows to have a perfect coupling pressure, avoiding deflections on the roller. The complete automation of the machine provides important time and cost savings and is a great investment for anyone looking for productivity and efficiency with excellent varnish and coating results.

Uteco: fourth works on the way
Given the continuous growth of orders of all the machines already present in the their range, by 2018 Uteco will extend its own production site with a new works, that will rise alongside the other three. To date some 350 employees works there – a figure destined to increase, committed as they are to producing print machines for different flexible packaging applications, for delivery around the world.