Ferrarini & Benelli  celebrates 50 years in business and will be presenting its latest technological advancements at Converflex.

Stations for corona treatment

Polimetal (photo 1) for high-performance universal treatment (up to 600 m/min), equipped with special electrodes and ceramic rollers. Designed for applications on cast extrusion lines, extrusion coating, flexo and gravure printing, laminating and coating machines.
ET (photo 2) with ceramic electrodes for the corona treatment of plastic and conductive labels (vinyl, acetate, polyester, PP, aluminum). Equipped with a pull-out opening system, which facilitates the film threading and removal of the electrodes.
Monitoring and Control
The corona F&B treatment systems can be integrated with the PLC control on the customer’s line via fibre optics (protocols: RS 485, Profibus, Profinet, Canbus, Ethernet etc.). The operator can thus control the whole process from a single control panel.
Ferrarini & Benelli has also developed the Corona Software Quality Control, which allows users to import the corona treatment data into their PC using an SD card mounted on the generator, to produce process quality certificates.
A three-phase generator that can reach the high power necessary to treat the most difficult plastics, at maximum speeds, thanks to an integrated digital control system. The software manages its own power circuit, with automatic adjustment depending on line speed.

A monophase generator for labels with electronic control modular system, control panel and signaling via membrane buttons.