The plastic industry is increasingly in the eye of the storm with the accusation of polluting the world and the oceans. Yet plastic products, and in particular the much-blamed single-use products, are a constant in everyday life – from coffee cups to street food packaging – with service functions and a role that is difficult to give up.

From this challenge was born the collaboration between the Korean manufacturer of printing and laminating machines SAM and the NatureWorks Group, specialized in the production of polymers and resins from renewable resources. At stake is Ingeo, a material based on PLA (a polymer derived from corn, wheat or beet, therefore intrinsically sustainable) which can be used for the production of disposable cups, diapers and packaging. All of this, of course, through an extrusion process, which brings into play the know-how of SAM and its Extrusion Lab.

The result of the union between these two technologically advanced experiences was presented at Print China, the fair that is taking place in these days in Dongguan City, and promises a small revolution in the world of sustainable packaging.