A new and important stage of growth for Inci-Flex that, after the launch of the ambitious internationalization plan based in the Maghreb and the recent strengthening of management in flexo and roto areas, now opens a new production site near Milan for the engraving of rotogravure cylinders. With important goals of service and development.

If they must have a slogan, Inci-Flex’s would be “Technology and passion”. These are the two main drivers that have supported the Pre-press service for packaging (it provides digital flexo plates, roto cylinders, direct laser engraving and liquid flexo plates) in the conquest of the market leadership. Inci-Flex, in fact, has attracted attention to the massive and prescient investments in technology and the visionary development plans launched by the young CEO Vincenzo Consalvo to bring the company founded by his father Carmine in 1984 to the top. And now it announces a new wide-ranging initiative, designed to closely monitor the rich market in Northern Italy (and beyond) with an adequate service capacity. In this beginning of 2019, Inci-Flex will therefore open a new production site for the engraving of rotogravure cylinders at Trezzano sul Naviglio, in the Milan hinterland. It responds to a precise design of development that sees consolidation in the rich and strategic territory of Lombardy as an indispensable condition for the future progress of the company.

To effectively intercept the flow of jobs that are printed in rotogravure in the Centre and in the North of the country”, considers Vincenzo Consalvo,”the response speed and the flexibility of our original organization were no longer enough. If you need just a few hours of work to prepare a flexo plate, and with a courier we can deliver it anywhere within the next day, it takes a lot more to obtain and engrave a rotogravure cylinder, without considering the difficulties and costs of transport). Therefore to keep up response speeds in this sector as well what the market requires without reneging quality to which our customers are accustomed, we decided to monitor the territory closely, structuring ad hoc spaces and activities.”

Not just gravure

The new headquarters of Trezzano, where the Inci-Flex staff already operating in Bollate will also converge, will host the warehouse, the machinery and engraving equipment as well as the offices and the commercial and customer assistance resources coordinated by the technical director Gianni Rossetti. From this basis, of course, the Southern Italian service company will ensure all the services in their portfolio, ensuring printers large and small all the advantages and guarantees that a unique and reliable interlocutor able to meet every need can offer.

Up to today the market has rewarded the quality of our work, the punctuality of the service and the certainty of always finding someone ready to understand and satisfy the needs of the individual customer. This has generated the confidence that is and remains our greatest asset and competitive advantage. The direct presence in the north will allow us to extend this type of relationship in new areas, even outside Italy, to which until now we could not aspire.

Internationalization at 360°

The ambitions to expand beyond the borders of their home region society are not new are not new to the Campania based company. Inci-Flex Srl took its first steps towards internationalization in 2013, when Consalvo understood the potential of the emerging markets of North Africa and launched important commercial actions in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and the Ivory Coast, to then start the project Inci-Flex Algérie. The initiative, which generated a mixture of scepticism and admiration in the environment, was coupled with other visionary leaps, such as those that led to the acquisition of new equipment and technologies (primarily Full HD, CDI Crystal 5080XPS Esko), which would then become the point of reference for the entire flexible packaging sector. And this proceeds hand in hand with the gradual strengthening of the company’s organizational and management structure, which has seen as the last step, the insertion of two new managers at the head of the company’s flexo and roto areas.

I do not agree with the European vision that considers the Maghreb area politically fragile”, says Consalvo. “On the contrary, here I see human wealth and the possibility of bringing that plus value of skills and technologies accumulated over 40 years of experience and growth in a super competitive market (the Italian one, Ed.). For this reason, 2019 will see the birth of a new flexo production site in Algeria, from which we can also serve customers in other neighbouring countries. In an increasingly globalized market like the present one, we need first of all to break down the mental and structural borders”, says the entrepreneur. “Today we must be ready to face different cultures, economies and methodologies, aiming at the ethical exchange of skills to guarantee us a lasting position on markets. With a single focus, anytime and anywhere: The satisfaction of the customer.”