During CCE International 2023 (14-16 March, Munchen), Robatech presented PerfectFold liquid creaser. This system enables precise and fast folding of corrugated board without fold breakage thanks to contactless application of SpeedUp creaser liquid. The softened fold lines ensure high process stability. Depending on the thickness and size of the corrugated board, the process speed can be significantly increased by this patented solution. PerfectFold is easy to install in folding box gluers and inliners and is easy to operate.

Soft fold lines enable precise fold edges

The PerfectFold liquid creaser applies creaser liquid to two fold lines without contact. The corrugated board is folded along these lines. Since the creaser liquid reduces the stiffness of the corrugated board, the folding lines can be folded precisely and with little effort. Restoring forces are minimized. Folding box machines or inliners can thus be operated at high production speeds and with less setup effort for folding tools. Fold breakage is avoided, gapping and fishtailing remain under control.

The PerfectFold liquid creaser consists of a supply unit, two Sempre 30 jetting heads, the AS 50 pattern control, and an external operating unit with a touch panel. The pump and buffer tank in the supply unit enable uninterrupted operation when changing the liquid containers. An I/P converter ensures that the correct amount of liquid is always applied to the fold lines despite changing production speeds.

Speedup creaser liquid

SpeedUp is a creaser liquid that quickly penetrates the corrugated board and leaves no marks after folding. SpeedUp is specially designed for PerfectFold. The creaser liquid enables a perfect folding result with consistently exact inner and outer dimensions, so that inserts fit exactly into the folding boxes.