Camozzi puts the spotlight on D-Series valves equipped with 4.0 technology for efficiency monitoring and predictive maintenance of printing and converting machines. Facilitated the integration of pneumatic and electrical controls.

Camozzi Automation is a Camozzi Group company specialising in the design and manufacture of products and solutions for the industry. For the paper and converting sector, Camozzi offers a wide range of solutions, standard and customised, that are suited to the requirements of the individual application.

The lines that print, produce or convert paper are continuous-cycle lines with a single objective: to always produce more. This means ensuring maximum output while keeping costs down, that is minimising the downtime/caused by component failures, whether mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic.

To meet this need, Camozzi proposes the D-Series valve island, a truly innovative component equipped with Coilvision® predictive technology that allows the customer to monitor and predict the state of wear and efficiency of certain solenoid valve parts. Detected data, alarms and the state of health can be visualised through the different types of flashing of LEDs on the module and transmitted to a PLC or wireless IIoT Gateway for subsequent transmission to the Cloud.

The D-Series valve island ensures maximum productivity and flexibility of use in major industrial automation systems and is the ideal solution for all applications that require pneumatic functions to be installed quickly and easily. The D-Series is available in both multi-pole and serial communication versions. The Fieldbus module allows the D valve island to be controlled with the main fieldbuses, simplifying the integration of pneumatic and electrical controls in the most advanced automation systems.