Scodix is beta-testing its E106 digital enhancement press, which has been specifically developed for the folding carton market. The testing is being carried out at Copycenter, Israel’s largest folding carton printer, and Grundlach Packaging Group in Germany.

In the words of Copycenter CEO Uri Drori, “The versatile Scodix E106 Digital Enhancement Press is the perfect addition to our portfolio”, able to replace existing analog equipment with no setup or tooling costs. In addition to classic CMYK printing, Scodix also offers aesthetic and tactile effects that meet the demands of distinction and personalization. It can perform high gloss (up to 99 GU), metallic, glitter, foil and foil-on-foil, as well as plenty of holographic and other effects that cannot be replicated by other means. Scodix stresses the unique, superior qualities of its foils, “delivering the most color-intensive metallic foils available”. By using Scodix proprietary polymers to lay the foils down, the color diminishing effects of heat are eradicated, and surface coverage is retained, fully preserving the foil’s reflective qualities.

According to Uwe Schürmann, CEO and Managing Partner Grundlach, “Scodix technology is not just an upgrade to the next technology, it’s not the ‘new’ hot foil embossing. It’s a whole new world for packaging. A new way of doing business”. With new categories.