F&B integratres its offer of corona processes with new plasma solutions, with which it aims to take large shares of the international market. Focus on the concern’s offer for converters and its new, multilingual and interactive website.

Ferrarini & Benelli (Romanengo, CR), internationally renowned for its range of corona stations, has recently introduced to its catalog the innovative system of plasma processing in atmosphere. The new challenge that Claudia Benelli, the concern’s president, has laid out for herself is acquiring a leadership position also with this type of solution, which enables enhancing the wetting readiness of polymeric and metallic materials, guaranteeing adhesion of inks, glues, coatings and adhesives. FB Plasma 3D works under conditions of atmospheric pressure, requires no vacuum technology and processes 3D objects, small surfaces of plastic materials, profiles and silhouettes, wires and tubes, as well as strips of plastic film.
The system is made up of a high frequency generator and a special nozzle with a field of action of 10 mm.

And meanwhile the corona process evolves
These investments have not interfered with F&B’s attention to corona stations, whose versatility today enables fulfilling all application requirements in the extrusion and converting sector.
Polimetal, for example, employs ceramic electrodes and can process all materials, conductive and otherwise: plastic and metalized films, paper and aluminium sheets, including laminated ones. It is particularly suited for mounting onto flexo and roto printers, laminators and spreaders, and all converting installations.

For its part, thanks to the electrode-enhanced surface, the single-side processing station Polipast Kappa Plus features a large discharge surface and guarantees optimal surface treatment at high speeds, even with difficult materials. It can be used on cast extrusion lines, in plastic film converting and for high thickness materials. Finally, worth mention is the ET corona station, for installation on label printing lines, equipped with ceramic electrodes and roller for treating both conductive and non-conductive materials, as well as the latest novelties: Corona Quality Control software for monitoring and production certification, and the single-side processing station Format for single sheets.

Digital generators
Ferrarini & Benelli also produces and distributes digital generators (single- and three-phase), which can be combined with corona and plasma systems in order to reach the high capacity necessary for treating more difficult plastic materials at maximum production line speeds. Also available are remote control systems for corona processing via control panel, PLC or PC of the line on which the machine is installed. In order to connect the two modules Profibus-Profinet or the fiber optic serial interface Half-Duplex are normally used, but other interfaces can also be used.                                                           

NEW WEBSITE Ferrarini & Benelli invests in promotion and updates its website in order to more effectively interface with the international public. www.ferben.com, which currently “speaks” Italian, English and Spanish, now features new contents and technical information. Re-design with interactive technology enables optimal navigation, including via smartphone or tablet.