The 2nd of December greeted the winners of the coveted Oscar della Stampa 2022, organised by Stratego Group in cooperation with the Unione dei Grafici di Milano and awarded by an independent jury to companies that have distinguished themselves in various aspects of business.

The winners of the 31st edition, celebrated during a gala dinner in the presence of 290 guests, received the award from the hands of their category sponsor. Here are the names:

  • Special Award sponsored by Heidelberg “Entrepreneur of the Year”: Luciano Cozza, Leaderform Group
  • Special Award sponsored by Printgraph “Graphic Industry of the Year”: L.E.G.O.
  • Special award sponsored by Konica Minolta “Best Technology Innovator”: Grafiche Pizzi
  • Award sponsored by MyCordenons “Best Finishing and Special Support”: ARSEA
  • Award sponsored by Koenig & Bauer “Best Paper and Cardboard Converter”: Grafibox Sud
  • Award sponsored by Gallus “Best Label Printer”: Gruppo Aro
  • Award sponsored by Polyedra “Best Publishing & Commercial Printer”: L’Artegrafica
  • Award sponsored by Brand Revolution “Best Digital Printer”: Fiordo
  • Award sponsored by Print4All “Best Wide & Industrial Printer”: GR Group
  • Award sponsored by Gruppo Italiano Rotocalco – ACIMGA “Best Converter”: Gerosa Group
  • Award sponsored by Il Poligrafico “Best Printer on Corrugated”: Sandra
  • Special Sustainability Award sponsored by Federazione Carta e Grafica “Best ESG Performance”: Postumia
  • Special Award sponsored by Oscar della Stampa ” One hundred Years of Printing”: Nava Press

On the website are published the reasons for the awards, photos and films of the event.


The Industry Numbers

The Oscar awards ceremony was preceded in the afternoon by the Print Economic Forum, the annual convention that analysis the Italian printing industry. For this latest edition 2022 it examined Italy’s top 850 companies with 54,000 employees, a turnover of over 16 billion euros and an added value of over 4 billion euros. The four macro-sectors taken into consideration are: converting, digital printing, offset printing and pre- and post-printing.

Stefano Portolani, Senior Analyst at Stratego Group’s Printing Research Centre, commented on the 2021 market report, in which the sector recorded revenue and performance growth of +9.9% over 2020, with a profit of +1.7%.

The business cycle averaged 73 days, decreasing by 5 days compared to 2020. Operating profit decreased by 3.4% and is equal to 5.1% on revenue. EBITDA, although down by 1.7%, was to 10.4% on revenue. Shareholders’ equity grew by 4.5% and was 42.9% of assets. In terms of revenue by geographical location, the top 850 companies are concentrated in Lombardy (EUR 4.8 billion), Veneto (EUR 3.3 billion) and Emilia-Romagna (EUR 1.8 billion). The three regions are home to 62% of the total of operators in the country. In the ‘per capita’ average of revenues in millions of euro, Abruzzo (43.6), Sardinia (40.9) and Lazio (23.2) stand out.

The conference continued with speeches by Professor Daniela Montemerlo, lecturer at Bocconi University and Insubria University, on family businesses and the challenges of today’s world, and by Professor Francesco Bollazzi of the Private Equity Monitor – PEM, LIUC – Cattaneo University, on Finance for Enterprise Development and Innovation.