At Converflex 2015 Robatech and W.H.Leary will share the same exhibition area (Pav. 2 / C11-D16), confirming the global partnership agreement initiated in 2014. Featured, a full range of innovative and reliable solutions for the application of hot and cold adhesives.

Guns and devices. Leary will present the new High-speed Quantum™ Platinum glue gun, while Robatech will be offering Diamond guns for hotmelt and the new Platinum ECX series, which combines maximum functionality and durability with the optimal application of cold glue (both models meet the high standards required in the processing of corrugated cardboard). Also by Robatech, on display Granulate Container, the new RobaFeed container range designed to improve the efficiency of the automatic feeding of thermoplastic adhesives in granules, protecting them from the influence of environmental factors that may cause contamination and blocking.
Software and management systems. The Robatech Touchscreen RobaVis system will be in operation at their stand, demonstrating how the most complex industrial processes can be controlled in an intuitive and simple manner. Also included in the package of after-sales services, Robatech presents InfoPlus, the software for a reliable manufacturing process, which permanently records the data of the gluing system. Among Leary’s solutions, the Monet™ operating system that, thanks to its ease of use, ensures both short settings configuration time, simple and speedy personnel training as well as immediate savings in costs.