In the magnificent setting of Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the ceremony of Impresa e Lavoro Award –  Business and Work – was held by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza and Brianza, Lodi.

In the economic scenario of the city, long-lived productive realities have been selected for their effective contribution to the growth and development of the metropolitan area.

Imeco Srl, a company specialized in the production of combustion equipments, has been selected by the Chamber of Commerce for the over 40 years of activity that have led it to be a reference point for the national and international markets.

Angelo Di Salvia, general manager, and Diego Pastori, CEO of Imeco

With the numerous solutions for all industrial sectors, Imeco is increasingly specializing in the realization of customized projects, with a view to Industry 4.0, and in the related assistance service. Strengthened by an all-Italian engineering and design capability, Imeco has started expanding into international markets to present itself as a global partner, while maintaining its production strongly rooted in the Milan area.

Angelo Di Salvia, General Manager of Imeco said: “It is an honor for me to receive this award and I want to extend it to all the people who work in the company and make it possible to achieve our growth goals every day. I am also grateful to this city and its representatives for all the commitment they show in wanting to keep Milan at the center of Europe and the world. “