Uteco puts the spotlight on its latest flexo technology, embodied in the Crystal 2.0: a machine with an 800/1600 mm band, which prints at max 600 m/min plastic films even of low thickness (extendable or not), laminated, paper and cardboard up to 400 g, Alu. All types of inks are used – solvent based, water based, UV and UVLed, EB – serving the food, pharma and industrial sectors. We underline  two among the system’s many  significant advances:

  • the drying system that uses a brand new semi-floating tunnel to ensure unprecedented performance both with solvent-based inks – ensuring low retention levels even with high coverage and speed – and with water-based inks, for more effective evaporation;
  • a new automatic inking and washing system with double inverter pump, which eliminates the maintenance of compressed air consumption and ensures a better inking flow.

Crystal 2.0 has also reached further performance levels in the automatic control of printing pressures – thanks to the even more effective version 2.0 of the well-known Kiss&Go by Uteco, now combinable with the new automatic color register system – and in the optimization of material tensions in the machine, thanks to the new “Closed Loop” pitch control system. 

And the future? The success of Uteco worldwide is the result of constant investment in the Research and Development on increasingly innovative solutions created around the needs of customers, underlines the company. One of the latest confirmations comes from the launch of the new range of digital continuous inkjet machines (Sapphire Evo M and W): an original system, conducted in partnership with Kodak, of which the Venetian manufacturer is particularly proud, also for the consent that this technology is collecting from the market. And precisely in the field of digitization, Uteco is working on other promising projects, announced for 2021.