A multi-tool cutting system with an independent axes option making it possible to perform two or more operations during the same work cycle. Elitron presents Kombo SD at Viscom, alongside the Heleva feeding system, nominated to an 2014 EDP Award at Fespa.

Faster and more productive, Kombo SD cuts time and costs, as well as manual intervention.
Its superior die-less finishing performance, high speed and precision on a wide range of materials were demonstrated live at Viscom 2014 at the Elitron stand (Hall 1 G12/F19). Also on display, the Kombo TH SuperPlotter, dedicated to the paper and large format digital printing industries: the only in the sector with two multi-tool cutting heads, enabling multiple simultaneous operations, doubling speed, productivity and yields.

A hi-tech core. Both tools are equipped with two new Elitron technologies – the Seeker SystemTM and Videoprojection system – which represent a benchmark in timeframes and operational speeds. The first incorporates a dual camera that detects and centers printed images; shapes are then perfectly cut out. The second is a high resolution system suitable for rapid prototyping and making use of otherwise leftover materials.
It helps the operator with shape nesting, optimizing the yield of materials from the sheet to be cut.

Award-winning performance. Elitron, which offers its services as a supplier of integrated technologies, also brought to Viscom the Heleva feeding system, riding on its success in Monaco, where it received the prestigious EDP Blue Label in the category of “print support tools”. Developed by the RFA (Researching Full Automation) division of the Marche region-based company, this solution can receive loading orders, but also report materials ready to be printed directly to the printer. It is compatible with all types of machines.

Elitron: the choices that count – 150 employees with an average age of 35 years, 47% of whom hold university level degrees; direct exports to 49 countries (with more than 2,000 installations worldwide); 10% of turnover invested in R&D; 12 patents. This is Elitron (Montre Urano, FM), an established manufacturer of automatic cutting systems. The concern’s customer orientation, robust technical knowhow and relentless R&D undertakings enable it to offer extremely intuitive software packages and efficient cutting systems designed to satisfy the specific requirements of users in their specific markets, among which functional materials, digital printing and paper.
Elitron aims to create a direct and personal relationship with the customer, the premise of strong and durable partnership, with the aim of providing specific solutions for every need in order to facilitate and streamline individual production processes. Ultimate goal: increase productivity and reduce costs, while ensuring high quality. Since 2006 the Marches based company has also been a member of Action Aid International, actively engaged in the improvement of the living conditions of the children of Afghanistan and Bangladesh.