Demoed at Drupa the Trillium One digital press, a collaboration between Xeikon and Miyakoshi. 

XEIKON_Trillium_0.pngTrillium One is a digital press with high resolution four-color LED technology. It operates at a speed of 60 m min at 1,200 dpi, to a width of 500 mm, and is designed for applications in direct marketing and catalogue printing, though other types of product and market outlets will be added in time. Based on the innovative Trillium liquid toner process that Xeikon presented for the first time at Drupa 2012, it is a combination of Miyakoshi excellence in mechanics and Xeikon's competency in digital imaging, and was completed in collaboration with a select group of customers. At Drupa its performance and its flexibility will be illustrated at the Xeikon stand five times a day, with a 30 minute demo made on different applications.

A sustainable toner Trillium One integrates Tonnik, the liquid toner developed by Xeikon to ensure the advantages of the dry toner in a liquid version: it is ecological in that it is perfectly de-inkable, and economical; furthermore it meets quality standards and can be used on bigger production runs.
These results are thanks to the high resolution enabled by the printheads (1,200 dpi) and the extremely small size (less than 2 microns) of the high viscosity liquid toner particles produced by Xeikon. Furthermore, Tonnik does not contain volatile substances, making for an environmentally friendly printing process, and most of the carrier liquid, that in turn is derived from biomaterials, is recycled by the system, which further increases the sustainability of this new technology.

Accuracy and speed An additional benefit of this system comes from the Trillium Microgapping process: the toner particles pass from one cylinder to another with extreme precision, ease, and speed as the media advances in the imaging process. This improves the register setting and image quality, and creates greater stability in density. In addition to printing at 1,200 dpi, Trillium ensures the reproduction of very accurate dots and, as with offset, is a true and proper contact printing process.
Wim Maes, president of Xeikon, summarizes the advantages of the new machine: «Trillium One combines the ability to offer high quality offset printing, ink density and image coverage on different media, with the advantages of digital, starting from the variable data printing at higher volumes set against lower costs and userfriendliness. This creates a powerful production solution that will enable companies to optimize print quality and to conquer new markets».

To know more, download the white paper.

Xeikon – which in 2015 became the "Digital Printing Solutions" division of the Flint Group – designs, develops and markets web fed digital color printers for label and packaging applications, document and commercial printing. Its systems use electrophotography based on LED, an open workflow software and application-specific toners.