DP Lenticular, distributor of lenticular plastic sheets and rolls for offset, digital and labeling, presents at the Düsseldorf trade fair Microflex, a dedicated solution for flexible high-end label markets as well as the safety and philately.

MicroFlex® consists of a ultra-thin film produced by Forward Optics (US), able to reproduce engaging depth and movement effects, thanks to the exclusive substrate containing a microscopic lens array, which enlarge the graphic elements printed on the second surface.
Unlike the traditional lenticular material, too hard for most labeling applications, MicroFlex® is composed of a new type of patented two-layer PP laminate : the first, with dual-orientation, which acts as a base, and provides stability, and the second that ensures flexibility.

Products made with Microflex are designed to enable the print of interlaced (and reversed) images directly on the back of the gloss surface of the lenticular sheet with conventional or UV inks.

«We provide printers with a perfectly clear and stable lenticular sheet – explains Daniel Pierret, managing director of DP Lenticular – which maintains a register and a resolution for optimal printing. The lenticular printing capabilities to create compelling animations and 3D effects has gained popularity in the last decade. In fact, the achievements of these effects has become easier thanks to digital cameras and special software. Lenticular printing can be used as an effective marketing tool for a wide range of applications: graphics for point of sale, packaging, direct mail, postcards, stamps, or large format advertising».