Cartes has re-invented the “digital screen” effect by developing an exclusive technology for high-quality digital finishing. It is called Jet D-Screen and enables the creation of multi-layer effects, spot coating, complex tactile relief effects and braille printing, as well as foil transfer and metallic 3D gold. Thanks to the proprietary system, you can personalize and ennoble labels in a single pass, with no set-up costs, instant start-up and no material waste.

The way

Cartes’ Jet D-Screen works makes it possible to deposit coating thicknesses previously impossible to achieve with jet ink technologies. The operator’s job has been made as easy as possible, allowing print selection via predefined settings and the choice of substrate materials to be used, thus making the JDS unit instant and waste-free. Materials to be printed with the JDS system do not require painting or special primer treatments, which usually distort the “texture”. The polymerization device of the printed material, consisting of a hybrid LED/UV drying system, allows to process any type of material, even those more sensitive to heat. Modular, like all Cartes technologies, this one also complies with Industry 4.0 requirements.