To encourage communication within the printed packaging and labels sector supply chain in this moment of extraordinary difficulty, where procurement, production and delivery can be a problem, we have opened a space that houses, listed in alphabetical order and by date, the messages with which companies inform about operations and closures, initiatives and services.

The number of communications has multiplied rapidly – and others continue to reach us – and the contents have become very varied, communicating much more than a mere “we are open”. They draw a map of initiatives, skills, creativity and lots and lots of solidarity (no one, big or small, has exempted themselves from donating), which testify as to how the Covid emergency is being tackled, on a widespread level, with great strength and entrepreneurial imagination – and sometimes with true heroism (you only have to think of the companies operating in the areas most hit by the infection). As well as  a great sense of social responsibility and human participation, which is nice to be able to recount.