Print4All Conference – stage 2020 on the road towards the second edition of the innovative “Made in Italy for the World” printing & converting fair – was scheduled in Milan the coming 18 and 19 May and, obviously, will not take place on that date or in the manner foreseen.

The event has been postponed to June 24. But not only that: a new format and a new channel have been devised in order to reach the vast audience of operators remotely. The goal is to convey all the richness of the contents of a highly cutting-edge program, inspired by the factory of the future. Sustainability and Industry 4.0 will be tackled in streaming by an insightful international panel of speakers and guests.

The conference’s new vestife is so new, in fact, that on May 18th, a month in advance of the engagement, it will be previewed in a dedicated webinar.

Times and details, as well as modes of registration and connection, will be published on