Grafikontrol, a well-known and internationally established producer of printing control systems, presents at Converflex its latest developments dedicated to the packaging sector. The Milanese company’s offer includes register controls, vision systems, 100% quality control systems, in line spectrophotometric control and color management software. Below are some new additions.

• Matrix: matrix camera that can operate as an autonomous system or in combination with Lynex.
Equipped with motorized zoom for detailed inspection, it can be outfitted with specific software for statistical defect inspection, in such a way supplying the printer with a more effective control instrument than vision alone.

• Lynex: 100% print inspection system that automatically detects and catalogs all defects, supplying a total production analysis and displaying in real time the entire print format on an ultra HD 32” (or optionally 55”) monitor.

• Progrex: combines the functions of Matrix and Lynex, supplying a single device that is easy to use, for rotogravure, flexo or offset machines.

• Chromalab: a spectrophotometer for measuring color line, both on color bars and directly on the image. Variations are analyzed by an exclusive software and then translated into correction data and sent to the dosing system (color matching).

• Lynex SF: a 100% inspection system specifically designed for sheet processing machines in paper converting and tin lithography. Real time inspection of the entire printed sheet, detecting and classifying any defects, verifying color register and colorimetry from end to end.

• CR33 and CR34: automatically correct and maintain register during rotogravure and flexo printing processes.