The ongoing evolution of digital printing enables meeting the growing demand for small and medium quantities of labels. In fact, new printers and new die-cutting solutions enable creating them at competitive prices in short times previously unimaginable. Such is the case of the complete digital finishing and printing solutions developed by Primetec.

• VP700 printer with memjet technology, 40 separate colors, resolution of 1.600×1.600 dpi and a print speed of 9.00 mt/min (18 mt/min in standard quality). It can print on both pre-die-cut labels and on continuous reels for later die-cutting. It is perfect for the use of smooth papers and plastic materials like polypropylene and is recommended for workloads of up to 1.5 million labels/year (guaranteeing the lowest printing cost in its class).

• Primera CX1000e, a high definition four color laser printer with a photographic print quality of up to 4,800 dpi and a stable print speed of 5mt/min, making it possible to print labels that are highly resistant to UV rays and atmospheric substances. The laser technology is recommended for use of economical papers, but guarantees high performance on natural fibers and wine labels. It can print on both pre-die-cut labels and continuous reels.

• Scorpio die-cutter with plastic coating is a single blade digital finishing system, also available with cold plastic coating to make labels even more resistant (such as GHS compliant labels for the chemical sector).

Equipped with one cutting knife and four slitting blades for track separation, it is easy to use and enables creating any type of shape, in short time and with no additional costs for installation or die tools.