INKS Security technologies for brand protection of new multi-use products in the expanded offer of Sun Chemical: two proposals to respond to the efficiency requirements of outlet markets at all levels.

Sun Chemical presents a security system conceived as an aide to brand protection called Invisible Black SunGuard® IR. This technology prints two black inks together, but only one can be detected using an infrared camera. The detectable black ink is printed as small text and skillfully covered with the invisible black SunGuard®. Only when observed using a special device does the invisible IR ink “disappear”, revealing the hidden text beneath.
This technology has already been used for years, and is thus well tested, in secure printing of banknotes. Sun Chemical is introducing it to brand product authenticity protection and other at risk contexts, in which its characteristics prove particularly effective. This system, in fact, does not compromise style, design or color of the packaging or document in any way and requires only a small print area to cover and reveal the hidden message.
Invisible Black SunGuard® IR is effective on labels, cartons and various other kinds of supports, for applications in the various sectors (including electronic devices) that can benefit from a low-cost solution supplying an extra security guarantee. It’s available for all types of printing inks: water-based flexographic, flexographic UV, UV and traditional offsets.

From the particular to the general – Passing from super-specialization to quality multi-use, the concern also presents the latest generation SunUno Solimax: a line of products adapted both for external and internal printing on all supports commonly used in flexible packaging (OPP, OPA, PET, PE, select lacquered films, etc.).
Solimax by Sun Chemical is a line of high performance, low-solvent inks specifically formulated for flexo and rotogravure printing destined for subsequent lamination with adhesives. SunUno inks, in particular, are produced in compliance with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines) using the raw materials listed in Annexes 1 and 6 of the Swiss Ordinance on packaging.
They can be used to print non-food packaging as well as primary packaging for food products, including covers and lids.
Combined with the right support a correctly selected adhesive, they enable creating particularly resistant laminates both in the seal and in the high coherence zones; furthermore, they are compatible with solvent-based and solventless lamination technologies.
SunUno Solimax are on the market as completed inks or as bases and technological varnishes; particular quadrichromy sets are available for flexographic and rotogravure printing. They are not suitable for high temperature applications.    


The image of the lock is printed wth Black IR visible and invisible ink.  
  Hidden wording revealed by infrared camera.