Goss makes its mark on the packaging and labeling markets with the Sunday Vpak brand line of offset presses. From the USA a fine example of technology integration.

Precision Press, the great US converter specialized in printing flexible packaging and labels, has chosen Goss offset technology and knowhow to meet the complex needs of target markets, including flexibility and efficiency. The latest investment in facilities has been a press configured for the printing of flexible packaging, with the Sunday™ Vpak™ 500 print unit coupled to a an inline Goss flexo printing and spreading unit, complete with UV and EB curing unit.
The key factors for the choice were many, in addition to the superior quality of offset printing, the benefits of technology with quick sleeve change and the prospect of a reduction in production costs.

Speed ​​and accuracy. The Sunday Vpak 500 press handles a variety of flexible media and product formats and meets the multiple requirements of quality packaging processing. «The packaging sector has significant untapped potential for web offset – considers Lee Timmerman, president of Precision Press – and the quality, productivity and efficiency of Goss’s technology offer a competitive advantage that we intend to exploit to conquer space in this market. The new line reaches 6.1 meters per second and is equipped with Goss International closed-loop inspection, register and color system».
Partnership. Precision Press has worked closely with Goss International in developing the press configuration, and this was an aspect of no small importance. «We had the opportunity to work with the Goss technical team during the development and testing of the press at their US headquarters – said the manager – and consequently the machine incorporates our experience in the printing of the film and of the challenges that our customers face, fielding a number of features which one needs to be clear about».
The target markets are becoming evermore demanding: Precision Press produces a wide range of flexible packaging, as well as inmold labels, shrink sleeves, roll mounts and “cut and stack” destined for food, beverage and consumer goods in general. The company is part of the Taylor Corporation, one of the five largest printing and graphics groups in North America.
Features and benefits of Goss offset. In offset plates cost considerably less than the media for other printing technologies; they are also easier to handle, allowing converters to perform the process in-house instead of turning to external suppliers, with further advantages in terms of time, expenditure and organization. They therefore guarantee a high flexibility and control, and reduce the processing time, benefitting not only the converter but also his customer. The other advantages are known and undisputed: print quality, greater control of colors and a standardized process that can handle a wide range of substrates, including nine micron films at high speeds.

The Goss Sunday Vpak series maximizes these advantages thanks to an innovative type of sleeve variable, characterized by rapid change rubbers and adapters for plate cylinders that make the infinite amount of format change variables even easier and more convenient. Sunday Vpak machines can also be supplemented with flexo, gravure and digital units to form highly flexible hybrid lines, with countless opportunities for lacquering and finishing, suitable for a number of processes: labels, laminating, pre-print, folding board, flexible packaging…