At Drupa Grafikontrol launches a new platform, called TQC-360, for the control of all print and post-print stages.

In Düsseldorf Grafikontrol will be presenting TQC-360, a product and service platform that places the onus on total quality, the company presenting itself as a unique global partner able to provide products, applications, processes and services for all print and post-print applications. At its Drupa stand (Hall 15, A11) on display quality control and monitoring systems for gravure (Packaging and Publishing), flexo and offset print (packaging, commercial products and newspapers) as well as register control.

Preprint. For this job phase Grafikontrol proposes the Systeme Chromatique color management system, which enables the optimisation of images and PDF files, improving print quality and reducing processing costs. The system integrates into any workflow, simplifying the process and increasing repeatability and productivity.

Materials. Lynex is a 100% print inspection system for the converting industry; PM3  is a  quality control system for substrates for the publishing and newspapers sector where gravure and web-offset print are used.

Print room. The print room applications are the core business of Grafikontrol, which can boast thousands of installations around the world. These are systems installed on-board machine and include:
– Chromalab, a spectrophotometer that provides a real-time measurement color correction during gravure, flexo and digital production;
– Colorscan, an automatic, fast system, that performs color control on rotogravure and web offset printing processes;
– Matrix, a sampling camera with motorized zoom for inspecting details and verifying barcodes;
– Lynex, the aforementioned 100% inspection system that uses the latest computer vision hardware and software;
– Progrex, which combines the functions of Matrix and Lynex to form a complete tool that helps the user in every print stage on  gravure, flexographic and offset printing machines;
– CR25-CR26: register controls with MicroMarche, which allows the reduction of register marks in cramped spaces, thanks to high-speed cameras;
– CR33-CR34, register control for rotogravure and flexo packaging, guaranteeing register stability among colors throughout the entire production, as well as reducing waste.

Post print. For checking the end-of line and for controlling the finishing of printed materials, Grafikontrol fields all the versatility of Lynex.

Coding and tracing. Consistent with the Grafikontrol TQC-360° approach, all data and informa-tion is catalogued and stored for each production phase in order to provide complete control. This is where the ProCheck system steps in, which encrypts the data within each production site and allows full traceability of waste/print defects.