De Rossi Vittoriano gains further approval at Labelexpo Europe and closes contracts at the fair. Thanks to the skills and readiness of their technicians, and the ingenuity of its special units.

«In Brussels we gained firsthand knowledge of how well De Rossi Vittoriano is known: not only our customers but also many operators – Italian and from abroad – with whom we hitherto have had no direct contact, came to visit us at our stand». For Fabio Aimi, with the company since last April as corporate image and communications head, the confirmation was an important one: «While obviously not having the striking image of a large company – the young manager goes on to consider – the market continues to reward us and, aboveall has perfectly grasped our peculiarity as problem solver, capable of finding solutions in virtually any context, capable of inventing hitherto unconceived units and machines.

Over and beyond the number of contacts, that give a first account of how the fair went for the company, what struck us most was the quality of the visits, made by competent operators with actual products to be completed, who turn to us for our skills and readiness to adapt. A readiness that the large structures by definition cannot ensure and that boils down to being dedicated and flexible». Labelexpo Europ 2015 has led De Rossi Vittoriano to start up and in several cases conclude negotiations with foreign as well as with Italian concerns.

“Mini” flexo, not only on labels. The new Miniflexo unit, available in mechanical or electronic version, is one of the latest solutions designed by De Rossi Vittoriano Srl for printing and coating, in particular on small surfaces. These units, on which either a sleeve or cliché can be mounted, are highly versatile, suitable not only for label printing but also for other applications in different industries. In addition, the limited dimensions facilitate their placement on printing machines.
Miniflexo Electronico enables printing to any pitch and a perfect register. It adjusts automatically to the pitch dictated by the notches or prints created previously; it can be well inserted on control tables, finishing machines etc… In particular, it is used for spot coating or printing.
Miniflexo Meccanico, more economical, is highly effective in the continuous coating and adapts to the speed of the machine on which it is installed.
Technology and planning. For over 45 years De Rossi Vittoriano has specialised in creating printing units, machines and equipment, in particular for the label sector. The Paderno Dugnano (MI)  based company works in many areas:  flexographic printing and coating units; longitudinal cutting and die-cutting; multilayer systems; hot or cold extremely high quality gilded printing; revamping and innovation of used machines. Thanks to its consolidated experience and the sound technical skills, the company is able to follow the customer in the development of specific systems, from design to implementation. It also proposes the necessary assistance to provide solutions and solve any problems concerning the maintenance of the register, mechanics, electronics, spare parts etc.